Today, the London Assembly Housing Committee has published its annual ‘Affordable Housing Monitor’. The report this year tracks how the Mayor is delivering affordable homes in London despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Key data in the report include:

The Committee has made a number of key recommendations:

Sian Berry, chair of the housing committee, said: “Since 2020 the Mayor’s affordable homes programme has continued to meet the minimum targets, which is good news in the light of the pandemic and current challenges within the housebuilding industry. However, the delivery of social housing in particular remains far below the needs of Londoners. Too many people still live in overcrowded homes, and it is clear that the Mayor’s team are not gathering the information they need to tell us what they are achieving for families who need more space. The Mayor, the Government and housing sector must work together to provide the homes Londoners need. We look forward to questioning the deputy mayor for housing and other guests today on how they will step up their efforts to solve the housing crisis.”

The Mayor has two Affordable Homes Programmes giving grants to councils and housing associations for new homes – £4.8 billion for homes started from 2016-23 and a further £4.0 billion for the period from 2021-26.

Under these programmes he has committed to starting 116,000 new affordable homes by 2023 and a further 35,000 by 2026. Since 2015, 72,278 homes have been started towards this target (62 per cent), of which 65,089 have been started this Mayoral term (2016-21).

The Committee will scrutinise the findings in the monitor with the Mayor’s team and discuss the impact of the pandemic on building affordable homes, and how fire safety costs are affecting the delivery of homes by councils and housing associations.

The guests are:

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