How Many Calories Are In Strawberries Nutritional Information

The first strawberry garden was grown in Britain France in during late 18th century. Strawberry belongs to the Kingdom Plantae have family Rosaceae. Its binomial name is Fragaria. Strawberry fruit has a conical shape. It has the red color. Strawberry fruit belongs to the rose family. A unique property of strawberry is that it possesses seeds on the outside. Strawberry fruit varied in different sizes, shape and colors. Every Variety of strawberry has its own flavor. A variety of strawberry fruit is much tasty than the larger variety. The best and the flavored variety of strawberry is called the queen of strawberry. To get the better variety of strawberry choose a bright color of uniform size having green capes attached. Always avoid from soft and moldy barriers. After getting strawberries washed them and then use them. If you want to store, then don’t wash them. Remember this thing that washed strawberry only when you want to use them. Here I would like to discuss how many calories are in strawberries.

how many calories are in strawberries

How many Calories are in Strawberries:

There are some people who always want to know some calories in every fruit and vegetable and if you want to know that calories are in strawberries then don’t worry because here you will be provided exact information about the calorie count in strawberries. The answer to this question that how many calories are in strawberries is given below.
100 grams of strawberries contains 33 calories. When we calculate the number of calories in 1 serving which is ½ cup of strawberries, then there are 25 calories in each serving. One small strawberry has two calories and medium size strawberry has four calories.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and Fiber in strawberries:

A half cup of strawberries contains 6 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber which fulfills 80% of recommended dose of fiber and 1 gram of proteins.

Minerals and Vitamins in Strawberries:

Strawberries are the rich source of vitamin C as well. Strawberry contains many minerals and vitamin .like sodium, potassium, protein, carbohydrates, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, vitamin A, calcium, fiber, and fluoride.

Health Benefits of Strawberries:

There are a lot of benefits of strawberries. People’s use strawberries in many ways. Some benefits of strawberry are given below in detail.

  • Strawberry contains a very useful component anthocyanin. It is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body from environment especially from the sun. Strawberry contains quercetin which contains strong anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the allergies symptoms in the body, and we feel comfort from a runny nose and watery eyes. This component also plays a vital role in asthma disease. The people who suffered from asthma should be using strawberry. Regular use strawberry will reduce the symptoms of asthma.
  • Strawberry contains anthocyanins. This is a very useful component. Research shows that this component is very useful for the heart. It prevents the heart from diseases. It reduces the risk of heart attack. Use of strawberry increases the good cholesterol HD L in our body. Strawberry contains potassium which is also useful for the heart. It keeps the high blood pressure normal. The potassium balanced the effect of sodium. The use of strawberry helps our blood to flow, and it supplies oxygen in the body. We can say that strawberry is the perfect diet for the heart it makes our heart healthy and prevent it from diseases.
  • Our body needs a balanced amount of fiber daily. Strawberries are rich in fiber. Fiber is a very important component of our body health. It improves the working of the digestive system. Fiber is also useful for our liver too. It reduces the blood sugar to increase.
  • Use of strawberry improves our skin health. Vitamin C is present in strawberry in an excess amount which is a very important element for our skin. It makes our skin elastic and shiny. Vitamin C is a brilliant antioxidant. It is useful for our eye heath, and it also boosts our immune system.Meta Description: