Can you Get Pregnant from Precum? Chances, Myth and Reality

Intimacy or intercourse is a very suspicious aspect of human’s life.  Although intercourse brings a sense of pleasure to many, it also brings some serious consequences alongside. In this article, I will talk about a topic which is often being neglected by several couples that are: Can you get pregnant from precum?

Many of us believe that the perfect natural birth control is the pullout method and that it is enough for not getting pregnant. But do you know that it is unsafe and doesn’t take off the chances of a woman to get pregnant or conceive a child? This method should never be adopted by those who are not planning to have a child anytime sooner. The reason behind an unexpected pregnancy is the liquid that is excreted from the penal region before ejaculation in men. This sticky liquid is called as pre-cum. If this liquid reaches toward the egg of female, most likely it is going to fertilize the egg ultimately leading to pregnancy.

can you get pregnant from precum

What is precum?

Can you get pregnant from precum?


If you want to know precum meaning and what is precum and when does it occur then you must know that it is a sticky white or translucent liquid which is also known as pre-ejaculation. When a man is aroused during intercourse just before orgasm, this liquid comes out of the penis. It isn’t as thick as the semen also does not have the same potency.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even contain any sperm but still can get you pregnant. Precum moves through the same tube from which urine and sperms pass, as a result of this movement precum accumulate the left over sperms and can very much lead to pregnancy. Precum acts as a lubricant of the urethra, which is only secreted by the male penis when the intercourse begins.

Can you get pregnant from precum? – Precum Facts

Knowing the precum facts will help you in understanding the reason for it being there. In my belief, women and men should both be aware regarding this subject for getting correct and factual answers. Here are some precum facts:

  • Leakage is a must!

Men will release the precum, and it is not a matter of concern. Precum acts as a lubricant during the sexual encounter. Mostly it is ejaculated during the foreplay. The color varies from translucent to chalky white.

  • Orgasm indicator:

Know that pre means before. Precum is the indicator about orgasm in men. Men mostly get the precum before fully blown orgasm. Drops measure precum up to few millimeters.

  • Release site:

Know that the precum is made in a gland known as Cowper’s gland. Nothing much is known about this particular gland. Men have 2 of these glands in their body. Each gland is the size of a pea. This gland is situated at the base of the penis. It clears the urethra and makes way for real cum to trespass during the orgasm in males.

  • Baby creator:

The chances of pregnancy associated with precum are very limited. As very few women conceive a child by the precum and not real cum, either way, contraceptive pills are utmost for prevention of pregnancy or STD (sexually transmitted diseases). Always remember any transfer of fluid can lead to pregnancy.

  • Excess of everything is bad:

Remember that too much foreplay can lead to too much ejaculation of precum resulting in a vivid adverse effect on the health of the male.  Slow down the foreplay and shift toward the intercourse if your guy is producing an unusual amount of precum. As mentioned earlier, precum indicates orgasm, seeing a lot of precum means that your guy is near to orgasm so cut the crap and shift to the business!

Can you get pregnant from precum? – The Chances

We must know that precum is a natural form of lubrication and men do not have any control on it. The studies that were conducted earlier regarding pregnancy occurring by this bodily fluid showed that precum is potent for pregnancy, but further research has shown that precum might contain dead or not at all sperms. There are rare scenarios where a healthy sperm can make its way through the precum to the egg for fertilization.

Does precum get you pregnant without penetration?

Many teenagers and people who have figured out their sexuality a bit late seem to raise this question quite often. To be practical, one cannot get pregnant without the penal penetration. However, there are some doubtful exceptions in this case because for conception all that has to occur is the semen to come in contact with the vagina.

It is technically possible if the sperm comes in contact with the vagina. In this way, pregnancy is possible even without penetration. When it comes to precum, as it has dead or very few sperm the chances of pregnancy is very little.

Chances of pregnancy from precum while doing the grinding:

Similar to intimacy without penetration, grinding is the form of intimacy in which partner adopts motion of intercourse without penetration. Grinding can be done in any kind or even with or without clothes too. So, even if your guy starts ejaculating precum, the chances of pregnancy are remotely possible. The chances get even slim if the partners have their clothes on.  As mentioned earlier pregnancy need contact of sperm and vaginal canal. If partners are grinding with their underwear on, there is a slight chance that the sperm in precum seeps through the wall of underwear to the vaginal canal of the female partner.

How likely is it to get pregnant from precum:

For answering: “can you get pregnant from precum”, you must know that there are certain facts that can trigger the unlikely to occur chances of pregnancy in women. So, here are some of the points to remember:

  1. If you are in danger zone of “ovulation” and if you are highly fertile. You may be susceptible to pregnancy even if you don’t opt for it.
  2. If you are not using any contraception method like pills and the only way that you have been using to avoid pregnancy is the pull-out method.
  3. You male partner has already ejaculated once, and this is your second or more intercourse with him in one day. This is a key factor for the pregnancy to occur with a precum.

With the above-written conditions, a girl is most likelihood gets pregnant with the precum of his male partner.

Before opting for the intercourse with a partner with whom you do not want to have children in the near future, try the best method of contraception. However, if the coitus occurs and you are still unsure about pregnancy, don’t worry because as per my knowledge the chance is 1 in a million.

So, it is better to take the hormonal test and know the days of your ovulation because honestly, a risk-free intercourse is better than anything else.

Precum Pregnancy Chances Honest Reasoning:

Here are the mapped reasons behind the pregnancy with precum:

  • Some quantity of fertilization capable sperm released during intercourse in precum as the erection begins to occur. That makes the pregnancy more happening with male secretions.
  • Some percentage of the sperm remains in the urethra, after the previous ejaculation. If the man does not practice the hygienic rules after the coitus. The chances of the conceiving get higher as the number of intercourse increases.
  • Coitus interrupts can be very dangerous not only because of precum but there are some other factors involved which vary from person to person. Each man in this world finds it difficult to figure out the right moment of ejaculation. Believe it or not but each man has different feelings before ejaculation. This phenomenon also prevents the full relaxation of people, and they don’t feel the intense sexual pleasure. One thing to remember right now is that sperm tends to live for 3 to 7 days and in this meantime, if it comes in contact with the vagina, then a potent sperm can fertilize the egg with all means. So, precum and pregnancy are two co-related things.

Can you get pregnant from precum? – The Accidental Pregnancy

As surprising as it sounds almost half of pregnancies in the USA are unplanned. Unplanned or unintended pregnancies are known as a pregnancy that is unwanted and wrongly timed at the date of conception. This occurs because of lack of contraceptive ways or dysfunctional contraceptive methods.

Unintended pregnancies can also happen if one of the partners is indulged in sexual activity against their will also called as “rape”. Accidental pregnancies are the cause of induced abortions so far in the world. Not just that these pregnancies are also co-related with myriad children and many maternal health issues.

Causes of Unplanned Pregnancy:

  • Contraceptive failure
  • Non-usage of contraceptive methods
  • Incorrect usage of contraceptives as well as an inconsistent use of contraceptive methods.
  • Precum pregnancy
  • Sexual assault or rape.

How Unintended Pregnancy Affects the Partners Physically and Emotionally?

These pregnancies induce long-term effects on women than men. It causes some severe maternal health problems. In extreme cases unwanted pregnancies also cause infertility. Women at times are not ready for a pregnancy psychologically and physically. As a result, women get several sleepless nights perturbed with the aftermath of the pregnancy. On the longer run, unplanned pregnancy disturbs the plans of both male and female partner. The emotional and psychological turmoil can be rated from mild to severe and even lead the female or male into depression. All these adverse effects cause the partners to have a weak bond with the unborn child.

Inducing Abortions:

Induced abortions are the abortions that are caused by medical or external interventions. The expulsion of a fetus from uterine cavity initiates with potassium chloride, saline and digoxin injection injected into the amniotic sac.

Prostaglandins medicines like misoprostol are inserted vaginally as it softens the cervix and induces the early uterine contraction. Oxytocin or Pitocin are inserted into the body of women which also causes early uterine contraction.

Risks Involved in induced Abortions:

The potent risks of induced abortion lead by injecting medicines in the amniotic sac are:

  • Severe damage to the uterus.
  • Occurrence of infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Unimaginable pain and contractions of the uterus
  • Infertility if an expert does not handle the process.

How to Carry on with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

You may feel the jitters as for now, but slowly they will go away. Think it this way, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of future with the baby but believe me, you have ample amount of time to make up your mind and to mold your life according to the pregnancy. Once the baby comes, all the stress and anxiety will flush off on its own. Plan your future, work, finance together also discuss and find a solution to your problem with your partner because he is as much involved in this pregnancy as you are.

Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy:

If you are not at all in the position of having a child especially in teenage, it is best to refrain yourself from sexual activities as much as possible. Try to be mature enough to handle the responsibility of a child and then get pregnant. Have a full protection against STDs and pregnancy if you have coitus with more than one partner on a regular basis.

If you had unprotected intercourse, you are at risk of pregnancy, so it is best to use a contraceptive pill right away within 3 days’ time period. Remember that emergency contraceptive pills should not be used on a regular basis as it can cause some severe health issues.


Can you get pregnant from precum? This is the question which has been worrying the women all across the world. The short answer to this issue is practical yes it can but on rare occasions. The pregnancy caused by precum has the slimmest chances possible. If you are in the red zone of ovulation cycle then yes you might get pregnant. Precum is the bodily fluid which is ejaculated from the men’s penis while he is near to orgasm. Precum doesn’t contain any sperm of its own rather it washes away any sperm that remained in urethra due to ejaculation occurred earlier.