You just got in a car accident. Things are a little stressful. Take a minute to breathe, thenfollow this checklist.
  1. Prioritize Your Safety: Your safety is a top priority after an accident. Check for injuries, and call 911 for immediate medical assistance if you need it.
  2. Contact Law Enforcement: Report the accident to the local police. If officers respond, they’ll document the incident in a police report. If they don’t, file a report at the nearest DMV. Obtain a copy of either document for future reference.
  3. Exchange Information: Share your contact and insurance information with the other drivers. Get their name, phone number, insurance policy details, license plate number, and vehicle information.
  4. Collect Evidence: Gather photo and video evidence to support your claim that the other driver is at fault.
  5. Seek Medical Attention: Even if injuries seem minor, see a doctor or visit an urgent care clinic for a thorough examination to identify any injuries that might be hidden.
  6. Contact an Attorney: Before informing your insurance company, consult with an attorney to go over what happened and create a legal strategy.
  7. Notify Your Insurance Company: Promptly notify your insurance provider to initiate the claims process.

Signs You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

You know it’s time to hire a car accident attorney if you run into one or more of the following roadblocks after your minor car accident.

Choosing the Right Car Accident Attorney

Criteria to Consider

If you want to hire the right car accident attorney, look for these five criteria.

  1. Experience: The lawyer should have experience handling car accident cases like yours.
  2. Track Record: The lawyer should have a track record of winning similar car accident cases.
  3. Fee Structure: The lawyer should put your needs above their own. This might look like offering a free case evaluation and not charging fees upfront.
  4. Resources: The lawyer should have a wealth of resources to help them investigate evidence, evaluate losses, and build strong cases.
  5. Testimonials: The lawyer should have mostly positive reviews from former clients.

Questions to Ask

Here are some of the questions you should ask any car accident lawyer you’re considering hiring.


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