Appendix is a small tube in the human being body at the right side bottom of the intestine. This small tube-like structure has no well-known function and can be called a useless organ of the body. It can also be found in animals, but there it has a function of digesting the cellulose. This appendicitis, when blocked in some cases, can cause serious life threats to the human life. That’s why many want to know exactly what side is your appendix on, so that if they found or bear any pain at the targeted side they can recognize it as soon as possible.

Usually, the appendix is known as the inflammation of the tube that lies in your body. No, any accurate reasons have been told by a scientist for this inflammation. It can happen to anyone and at any point in time. We are here to supply you the right information of this illness so that whenever you face the appendix pain you get to know that whether it is appendix or something else pain.

Exactly, what side is your appendix on have you ever think about it? You will get to know the human anatomy to get its in-depth knowledge. However, it lies in the lower abdomen in the intestine and whenever it block due to any food particle or any fecal matter a particular person faces the sharp pain that is the symptom of the appendix.


If you know what side is your appendix on it will be helpful for you to discover the pain at the right time and thus, a patient can be saved from the death.


Are you thinking to treat the appendix through some medicine or some antibiotic? No, it cannot be treated with the medicine or any means. It has just one way to treat, and that is the operation to eliminate the tube from the body to save the human body from the toxic material saved in it.

In some cases, where the toxic material comes out of the tube, then it is impossible to save the patients’ life, as it is known by everyone that once the toxic flow with the flow of blood it can never be fetched back. So, essential it is for everyone to acknowledge what side is your appendix on so if ever you face the sharp pain you can judge the problem and ask your doctor.



As I have said earlier, that it has no any cause so same is here, we cannot have any test to diagnose it earlier. It can be diagnosed at the time when it is on the last stage or couple of time of the last stage. Because when the sharp pain arises, it indicates the possibility of the appendix, so no one can judge this on early basis unless it becomes clearly visible from the inflammation and from the pain that is happening.

Maybe when you have the pain, your doctor might suggest you the ultrasound on an urgent basis to detect the appendix situation. Sometimes, the inflammation does not become so visible to ascertain the appendicitis pain.

I believe that you every question regarding what side is your appendix on have been answered over here, if even you have any query about the appendix you can ask here, surely we are going to resolve your problem, or we will suggest some remedial measures.