Egg is one of the most widely used food items in the world. Few years back it was believed that only eating an apple keeps the doctor away but this saying equally applies to an egg as well because egg is a complete nutrition but a low-calorie food. An egg works towards the well-being of human. A number of people wonder about how many calories in one egg so here I will reveal the details.

When it comes to availability of an egg then we can say that egg is available throughout the year. You can eat pure egg and enjoy its delicious flavor plus eggs can be added into wide range of recipes whether baked or cooked. Many people think that egg is only used for baking purpose but actually you can make lots salty and spicy recipes from eggs.


This question is usually asked by people who really want to lose some extra weight. Here I would like to discuss interesting facts about calories in egg.


Although egg yolk is high in cholesterol but it is full of valuable vitamins such as vitamin D, E, K and A. not only vitamins but egg yolk contains fatty acids which are required by our body. In egg yolk quantity of minerals are found like zinc, iron, phosphorus and thiamine. Egg yolk contains Vitamin B which includes Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. Egg yolk is healthy because it increases immunity and is good for vision as well.


We have discussed that egg yolk is full of cholesterol but it is not the case with egg white because they are lower in calories. You must have noticed that fitness experts recommend egg white as compared to egg yolk. Egg white contains good amount of proteins and zero cholesterol.


Now we come to know about the total number of calories in an egg including egg white and egg yolk. So the total calorie count in Egg white is 18 calories and Egg Yolk is 58 calories. Total calories in fried egg are 92 calories. When we say the calories in scrambled egg then it is 100 calories.


Eggs are an important component of diet and they are yummy and tasty as well. People of every age and country love to eat eggs during the whole day whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs are mostly used for baking and cooking purposes. Chinese recipes have most use of eggs. You must have noticed that doctors recommend eggs for the person suffering from anemia because it is rich source of vitamin B12 which is required for blood formation in the body. Eggs have substantial amount of vitamins and minerals in it which make it a nutritious food. One can argue about the high level of cholesterol in egg but there is extremely low-calorie count in them. But patients suffering of hypertension or high cholesterol should not eat eggs in large amount but yes they can have eggs in calculated amount as recommended by their doctor. The people who are really conscious about their weight, they should not eat egg yolk in large amount but they can double the amount of egg white because it has zero fats. When you are on a certain diet plan then you must not scare with the amount of calories in eggs because they will certainly not ruin your diet plan.


Eggs are readily available and are delicious and cheap as well. There is so much to discuss about eggs because eggs are healthy or not? It is still a debatable topic. Some experts say that eggs are not healthy food because eggs majorly contribute in artery-clogging cholesterol. According to the research a large egg contains 300 milligrams of cholesterol. It is exactly the same amount of cholesterol recommended to consume in the whole day so when a person will eat an egg in the breakfast he will reach to the peak of consuming cholesterol with just one food item. So what about other foods he will consume in the entire day? Yes you are thinking in right direction, when a person will consume 300 milligram of cholesterol with just one egg in the morning then his level of cholesterol will go far beyond when he will consume other food throughout the day. So now you must be thinking that eat an egg every morning is a good choice or just a mistake?

There are some valid points which support this debate and support the good side of consuming egg in the morning. Although eggs provide with body unwanted amount of cholesterol but still experts recommend egg because it rich source of protein and energy as well. The number of calories in egg is as low as 70 to 80 calories per medium size egg. Egg is a low-fat food which has high nutritional value as well. Although egg is beneficial for body but it facts cannot overpower the negative one because a number of people are really concerned about the cholesterol levels in the body. Limiting the intake of cholesterol level will benefit you from various deadly diseases like heart stroke or high blood pressure. It is a fact that many people consider eating an egg everyday is a bad idea unless and unless you consume zero cholesterol for the whole day so it is better that you should consume an egg twice in a week because it will not exceed your levels of cholesterol in the body.


There are some amazing health benefits or advantages of eggs and I would like to discuss some advantages of consuming eggs which will support good value of eggs.

Eggs Increase Concentration: A meal of egg is considered as healthy meal and it helps to increase the concentration level in the body which is beneficial for children. One specialty of eggs is that it contains 14 essential nutrients which is hard to find in any other food at once. You will find these 14 nutrients in just one food which is food. A good thing is that eggs have no fats and we when think of how many calories in a egg then you must know that it contains 80 calories per egg which make you active and healthy as well.

Eggs help in weight reduction: Eggs act as catalyst of weight reduction and they ultimately help in weight loss by controlling the rate of absorption of calories in the body. Eggs are considered as excellent food they fulfill your need of everything like vitamins and minerals in the body. They are used in variety of recipes and you will find the use of eggs in every cuisine whether it is Chinese, French or Indian. Small portion of egg in small serving control your weight and you don’t have to worry about the calorie count.

Eggs help in the prevention of blood clots: Yes it is an amazing benefit of egg specially egg yolk which help in the reduction of blood clots in the body which are formed with the increase in the amount of fibrin in the body. Therefore it is said that more egg yolk you will consume, less are the chances of getting blood clots in the body. Saying this thing does not really mean that you should keep on eating egg yolk without any calculation. The daily intake of egg yolk depends on the diet plan of a person which he follows


Eggs are healthy for body and mind. People who work hard during the day should eat healthy breakfast with egg in it so that they should feel weakness during the whole day. As far as calories are concerned and one wants to know about how many calories in one egg then it should be noted that eggs are low-calorie food. 🙂