Banana is a fruit that is simply available throughout the year and masses consume it most frequently than any other fruit. It is cheap and low-cost fruit hence everyone can have it without prior thinking about is cost. It is an essential fruit that contains many nutritional values. Do know how many carbs in a banana? If you do not know then you must read out that it’s a fruit that is blessing for you. Don’t consider it as a fruit of less respect. It is the one which is counted in the most energetic fruits. So, the banana contains 23 gm of carbs.

Move on and see what God has packed in banana. By the way, what is a basic difference of carbs and calories? And banana contains how many calories? A calorie is a unit of energy that any food contains while, the carbs is an organic compound and it is a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is rich in energy and it is the readiest source of energy.

What the thing is, chemically speaking, the carbs are the readiest form of energy that gives out energy in an instant. Nevertheless, the calories are not the ready source. Have not you ever thought that why the potato is considered the high carbs vegetable? It is due to the carbs alone.

Banana gives out energy no matter how you use it. You can consume it anytime. There is no any limit. However, if you are fat than avoid to consume it more.


As we have discussed above that banana is the ready source of energy so than it has cleared that you must eat it and make it a part of your lunch breakfast or a whatever time you can take it. Banana is good for many people like, the sports person and athletes, office workers, students and housewives who generally love to work for their home.

Sports need a lot of energy and it is impossible to eat the bread and proper lunch to get the energy while we play. So consuming banana will not only save your time but also it will provide with your energy.

Same is the case with housewives who just work all day and care their kids. Energy is essential for you. You must take two bananas in the morning after one hour of breakfast.


Banana saves you from many diseases that are prevalent currently in our society due to several reasons but if you are the one who takes banana than you must remain free from tension because you are taking a good diet on your part.

Banana release the packs of tension from you and make you feel relax in your unfavorable situations. It protects you from high blood pressure as it controls your cholesterol level and maintains your blood sugar as well. Its proteins carbs and vitamins make your immune system strong which then fights to remain you fit.

It brings back you lose sugar only two bananas are enough to gain huge energy. It also assists you in surmounting the depression. It is usually known as an anti-depressant. It makes your hormones active that make you feel good.

The high fiber quantity in banana normalizes your constipation. If you have diarrhea than eat two bananas and get your lost energy back with many other nutrients.


If you are slim and you want to gain your ideal weight then add six bananas in your diet divide it by two and take in installments. First three in lunch and then last three at dinner.

Also, you can make banana shake as when it combines with milk its fat increase and it’s healthy for quick weight gain.

On the contrary, if you are very fat and want to lose your weight then you must start dieting. However, many who start dieting face much weakness. So to reduce that weakness you must eat banana rather high-calorie food you must take high carbs food. Never take banana shake as it makes you fat.

Thus, it has proved that to remain active and healthy you must know the worth and value that how many carbs in a banana.