Fried rice is a very delicious dish to eat. It has wonderful flavor. Everyone likes this dish because of its pleasant taste. There are a number of recipes of fried rice and the use of fried rice is especially popular in Chinese dishes or we can say Chinese dishes are incomplete without fried rice. Fried recipes include chicken fried rice, vegetable fried rice, beef fried rice, egg fried rice and fish fried rice etc. Fried rice has become the very popular food of the every corner in the world. Fried rice are not only liked in Asia but it has become the staple food in American Chinese cuisine especially in the shape of sold as fast food. Fried rice dish is made of every corner in the world restaurants. Fried rice calories are one of the widely discussed topics in the world. Now we come to discuss the calories found in fried rices.


Some people want to know fried rice calories in grams while others want to know calories in cups. So here I would give you answers of both. 100 grams of fried rice contains 163 calories while 1 cup of fried rice which is equal to 140gram possesses 228 calories. According to some resources, it is believed fried rice contains high amount of calories which is as high as 363 calories in one cup. Fried rice is not a single food but it is a recipe so calories vary depending on the ingredients we use in a recipe such the amount of oils and vegetables. Due to this reason the amount of calories will be increased. Fried rice calories should be consumed in a healthy way otherwise they make you obese.


The number of calories mentioned above is 163 calories in 100 gram so half of these calories come from only carbohydrates. Just over half of the calories in a single serving of fried rice come from carbohydrates, and it provides about 40 to 50 g of carbs. Our body glucose is made of carbohydrates and fried rice have complex form of carbohydrates. There are so many benefits of carbohydrates that we gained from fried rice. We need energy for our daily activities such as walking, talking and breathing we need for energy. This energy comes through carbohydrates. As we know that carbohydrates makes glucose. This glucose makes our mussels strong.


One cup of fried rice serving contains 7g of protein. In the other way when the fried rice recipes like chicken fried rice, pork fried rice and beef fried rice contains 12g of protein in one cup serving. Our body needs a large amount of protein on daily basis. Our nails and hairs are made from protein. Our body uses the protein in building and repairing of tissues. Protein helps our body in making enzymes and other chemical of the body.


One cup of fried rice contains 12 to 14 g of total fat which shows that one fifth of our daily intake value. Fat is very important for our health. Fat contains many vitamins such as A, D, E and K. These vitamins are water soluble and easily observed in our body. Fat is an essential for our brain health. Fats keep our brain to function properly. All these vitamins that we get from fat of dried rice keep our body healthy. Fat boost our immune system and helps to kill the bacteria and fungi.  Fats are also good for our heart health.


Fried rice contains some important minerals and vitamins which are very use full for our body. Our body needs essential minerals and vitamins for everyday process. These minerals and vitamins are very important for our body cells and bones. Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins can lead to illness or diseases. Fried rice with different recipes provides many minerals and vitamins for our body need to stay healthy.