What is celery? It is a vegetable have a large stem and some leaves attach to its top. It is green in color and can be used in many dishes. It can be cultivated anywhere by just sowing its seed. Earlier we did not know its benefit usually its seed was used for a spice to get the different taste in the dish. It is low-calorie food yet it has many benefits inside it for us. Exactly, how many calories in celery are there? There are almost 16 calories in one gram of celery.

Many who do not like vegetable and they just like to have meat must know that the excess intake of meat can cause harm to you. It’s the vegetable that prescribed by doctors when you get ill. This is a clear sign here for us that how much the vegetable is important for us to make it a part of our meal.

What the studies have shown about celery, I am going to share with you in a most summarize manner:

Studies provide us great knowledge about it when we bought vegetables we stored it in our fridge and used it after weeks it must not be done in this way. It is all energy lost in the fridge. What happened when nutrients get damaged due to the passage of time it will become dead.


We usually cook vegetables for almost hour and leave it on stove by adding water while we forgot that the main point of eating it, like we want to have it so that we can get the maximum nutritional benefits, this point go in vain when we cook it by adding water what happens then when we cook the vegetable for long hour the hotness kills the nutrients that are not heat resistance. This caused the killing of eating the vegetables.

You must cook it in steam never add much water to it just give it steam and it will be ready for eating and all the vitamins and other essential elements will preserve in it.

Many people suffer the inflammation of liver, stomach and digestive track and they turn to treatment while this they should also consider some natural means to recover in a fast pace. For that, they must know that celery has an anti-inflammatory capability to recover the person. The pectin in it is a sugar that is not a type of starch to save the glucose however, it is not- starch polysaccharides that assist you in getting rid of inflammation.

If you are eating celery then you must not be worried anymore. Further, it is also rich with flavonoids and vitamin C which help in maintaining our body system.

For those who are planning to start dieting, they have a good deal to add celery into their diet plan. The ultimate aim of dieting is to take low-calorie food, however, taking food in less quantity never satiate the human body, but this amazing vegetable has given benefits to many people.

This is the best to eat during your diet and never think about going crossing the limits. You can use it in salads, you can make its dishes like crunchy celery sauce and soup. Do not boil it and it will sustain its original form of nutrients. However, as I mentioned it above and again repeating it that never consumed the celery that is a week old and kept in a fridge for last seven days. Very healthy for you take it fresh and eat it after steaming.

The question of how many calories in celery has answered above yet I want to make you know that it is also a low fat and low carbohydrates vegetable. And this is what old people want in their food and those who also have faced heart problems in their lifetime and are facing, they must consume it.

Conclusively, every vegetable is good for us, but celery is a blessing as it is low calories, low fat and low carbohydrate food for many people who are suffering from diseases.