Shrimps are not new to us yes probably for many it is new for many who didn’t taste it before and now think to have it. So, the shrimp comes into the category of seafood. It is similar to the prawn and they both belong to the same class crustacean. Both are similar in size and are used worldwide. However, the prawn and shrimp differ in their taste. You can take it with boiled rice after cooking the shrimp with salt, pepper, and sauces. Before taking it, I would like to answer your first question that comes into everyone’s mind and that is how many calories in shrimp? The one gram plate of shrimp contains 98 calories. Because they are small in size so they consumed on a large scale. 😀


Generally, the shrimp and prawn are not different it is the difference in the language and a war between U.K and America. In U.K, it is known as shrimp and in American culture, it is known as Prawn. However, shrimp is the right word to use for this small crustacean.

Why is the seafood so expensive? And should we intake seafood? These are some questions of many people who are health conscious. So, yes it is expensive and not only this but also other seafood are also expensive because they are very healthy and contain many nutrients which a human body needs. Like fish is very important seafood and consumed around the world. It nourishes your hair, helps to improve your vision and it makes your skin glamorous and teeth strong.


Regular consumption of seafood is not good for health because of its high value of proteins, carbs, cholesterol and vitamins. You must take seafood twice in a week to maintain a healthy nutritional amount in your body.

Every 100 gm weight of shrimp pieces contains 297 kJ energy. It is the really high amount of energy for your body in a day. If you will cross limits probably your boy will show the inability to digest it properly. And the symptom of this is; that whenever you intake shrimps and after having it you feel heavy stomach and nausea, it means you have over eaten it. Nevertheless, it is good for the health as it has proteins, vitamins and minerals in high amount and these are best for perfect growth of the body. It is better for the growing children and for those who are weak and want to gain some health.

Delicious shrimp is used in burgers, fried, with rice and there are many other ways and recipes to cook it in the yummiest ways. It depends upon you what type of shrimp you like the most.

The omega 3 fatty is one which is essential to treat the heart diseases also it is good for the hairs and nails. And fortunately, the shrimp is enriched with omega 3. The heart patients can consume it but not fried. You can take it with the boiled rice.

Further, the omega 3 helps in recovery for the patients of Alzheimer’s. You know if you will take it in your lunch not dinner because it is prescribed that heavy night dinner is bad for health and digestive system. After lunch, you will be able to take some rest and you have many activities for an evening that will digest your food completely.

Neural diseases are very widely reported all over the world and the shrimp is blessing for these patients because scientific researchers show that shrimp has the ability to contribute in improving the neurons and nervous system hence knowing how many calories in shrimp is better for better intake.


There are many ways to cook it. You can cook it like the sauce by cutting it into small pieces of cubes and then you may have it like a soup. Also, consumption of it with rice is a better choice to go for.

A healthy person may fry it like we fry chicken. And you can coat it with fine flour and crunches with egg. And then fry it till it turns golden brown.

Conclusively, shrimp is good for health its proteins, vitamins and minerals are good for health. 🙂