The foodies or lover of food have built in taste buds and they know every dish has its own peculiarity. Thus, they try every food of every nation. Enjoyment of life and secret of happy living lies in the food. Those who love to eat are the happiest person on the earth. And these are people who suffer obesity too. My open advice to the people is that they should eat food and must taste the different dishes and also appreciates and promote culture. For now, I am going to discussing the Japanese food hence today we are going to determine how many calories in sushi.


Many of us who do not know ABC of Japanese food are unknown to the word sushi. The Sushi is a dish of Japanese and it is the one which can be cooked into more than two to three ways. As it includes anything in it; fruit, vegetable, seafood and others etc.

By the way, the rice is common in all the Sushi. Whether you are going to take one with fruit, veggies and seafood the presence of rice will remain same.

There is a difference in calories as it will depend on the other thing what you take with it. However, the calorie of rice in it is same 35 calories. Though, if you will add any seafood or other thing count its calorie too and write it down into your diet plan or nutritional book.

Typically, a sushi is cooked in Japan is of one cup of rice and a seafood like salmon or prawn. Then it will become the 240 calories and high amount of carbs.


The people who suffer from obesity and they need to control their body fat Sushi are a good option for those. Due to the perpetual routine of dieting, they get bored and so they find something low-calorie food while Sushi is not a low-calorie food but is both low and high calorie. It can be converted into low calorie. As the rice has just 35 calories and now if you will add white meat of fish or any seafood or vegetable in a small quantity you will get the delicious taste.

Seafood is thought to have high calorie and carbs. Thus, if you don’t want to take high calorie replace it with veggies.


Salmon and prawn roll, spicy tuna roll, California roll avocado roll and yellowtail roll are some of the most demanding delicious rolls many want in the world. It’s calories differ than one another as well. However, the basic thing is that you must know about how many calories in sushi. If you know this you can adjust the calorie.

I know a question is bumping in your mind that rice makes fat. So you are forgetting here that if will boil the rice it will not be harmful to us then. And you must not worry about it if you are dining out and ordering the Sushi as the hotel managers boil the rice.


The sushi has a bulk of proteins, fiber, and carbs. It is the best deal to supply your body a healthy food. You must take sushi in a week. And you must take it with the seafood like; prawn and salmon. Seafood is rich in protein, fiber, and calorie and this helps your body to maintain a good level of glucose and keeps extra energy stored.

Proteins help in building your nails. It also assists your hair in getting good length and volume besides making them shines and smooth.


We human categorized the food on the basis f culture, religion, and region, however, it is good to have the food of all kind. Because when we will know that this food gives a high amount of calorie we will be able to consume it. That is why I consider that we should know calories of all the foods.

So, I hope that besides answering your question of how many calories in sushi, I have answered many other questions related to it. Hope you will enjoy the Sushi at your home too!