There are benefits to hiring a lawyer for a motorcycle accident that may make it worth it to you.

A lawyer will be able to manage all of the legal work in your motorcycle accident case while you concentrate on your recovery.

Many lawyers who handle motorcycle accidents offer free consultations for accident victims. This will allow you to discuss your case with a representative of the firm, learn more about your options, and get a better understanding of the services a lawyer provides without spending a dime.

Many lawyers will also allow you to hire them with no upfront investment on a contingency-fee-basis. In this arrangement, the lawyer’s fees come out of your compensation if and when you win your case.

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A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Helps Accident Victims in Many Ways

There are many ways that a personal injury lawyer is able to help victims after a motorcycle crash. Your needs will vary depending on the details of your case, but some things that can make lawyers worth their fees include:

Reducing Your Stress While You Heal

If you sustained serious injuries in your accident, you may be undergoing treatment, rehabilitation, or otherwise still healing from your injuries. Having an attorney who will take on all aspects of your case can greatly reduce your stress, decrease the time you have to spend managing the legal proceedings, and allow you to concentrate on your recovery. This is all the more so if you have sustained a catastrophic, life-changing injury. While others, such as your attorney and his or her professional legal support team, can address every detail of your claim or lawsuit on your behalf, only you can undergo the medical treatment required and go through the emotional process that will help you rebuild your life. By delegating what others can do for you and focusing on what only you can do for yourself, you will minimize stress and optimize the likelihood of achieving the best possible outcomes.

Gathering Evidence Against the Liable Party

When you hire a motorcycle lawyer, they will get to work to identify the liable party and gather evidence that could allow you to recover compensation. This can include recovering evidence from the scene of the accident, tracking down witnesses and collecting their statements, or obtaining testimony from accident reconstruction or medical experts on your behalf.

Dealing With the Insurance Company and Protecting Your Rights

Your attorney will handle the communication with all involved insurance companies and ensure all paperwork is filed properly. This can alleviate the pressure of saying the wrong thing or of making an error with your legal documents.

Your lawyer will also ensure that you do not lose the right to file a personal injury lawsuit by missing the deadline established by Civil Practice Law & Rules ยง 214. This section of law sets forth the “Statute of Limitations,” (“SOL”) for your motorcycle accident case in New York. The SOL is the period of time within which you may commence a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is not commenced within the SOL period, the defendant has a defense to a lawsuit that is commenced after the SOL, and the injured person who may have had a significant claim may be left without any legal remedy. There are exceptions to the general rule of the SOL, that is, circumstances that extend the time period within which the injured person may act. However, because being on the wrong side of the SOL is so consequential, whether or not an exception applies should be very carefully reviewed by an experienced attorney. Even with an experienced attorney reviewing the SOL, it is best to act timely and avoid “needing” an exception.

In addition to the SOL, other time-restrictions apply to claims and litigation. Having dedicated legal representation takes all the appropriate actions on your behalf within all applicable SOLs and other deadlines is a critically important consideration in deciding whether to hire a lawyer for a motorcycle accident.

Taking Your Case to Trial

If the responsible party’s insurance company does not make you a fair offer, a motorcycle lawyer, subject to the unique circumstances of your case, will take your case to trial and present a compelling case for the recovery of all your damages to a judge and jury.

An Attorney Will Identify and Document Your Losses

A motorcycle accident lawyer will examine the types of damages in your case and collect evidence to document them. In addition to the current expenses you may have documented, a lawyer will be able to hire medical or vocational experts to testify about what future costs you may incur.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit, the types of damages you could be able to recover could include:

A motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to discuss what specific compensation could be available in your case when you call them for consultation.

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