We all consume food, but we never inquire what are the advantages of the specific fruit and what a fruit can give to us. What we can do by knowing is that if we will know the health benefits then we will consume it accordingly and on the right time when we need it. For example, if we know that pomegranate makes blood we will consume it on the right time for instance when we will face a deficiency of the blood. Hence, you should know that how many calories in red grapes so that you can take advantage of it when you need it most. So for your convenience I am telling you that in every one gram of red grape there are 69 calories.

We know that there not so many calories in it instead of this it has a bundle of advantages for us. Now in order to understand the complete information about the grapes we will have to identify the quantity so that we get to know the exact calories of the red grapes.

So here I am taking 100 gram of grapes as ideal quantity now double its nutritional facts as you will double the quantity.


Now firstly, here I am going to explain you the nutrients in 100 grams of grapes. There are fibers, calories, proteins and no fat in the grapes. Now you know here that the fiber is good digestive enzymes they help in digestion of food and these are fine thread and hair like. After digestion, they expelled out from the body.

Next, calories need no explanation. We all know that these are energy packets and we need it like a car need fuel to run same as we need the energy to carry out the activities of life.

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Proteins need in the body for repairment of our rupture cells. Protein helps in making our hair and nails strong. Proteins help in making our bones and muscles strong. Proteins also make enzymes and hormones in our body and these two things have a great role in functions of our body organs.



There are many vitamins in grapes that are also essential for our survival. There is vitamin C that is also known as an ascorbic acid it is necessary for your bones. And it is present in 18% in just one hundred grams. Thus, it has proved that it is good for your health if you take it after your meal.

Grapes also gives you 5% Thiamine that is necessary for your body’s growth. And 4% vitamin B5 and 5% Riboflavin. These all vitamins should be taken daily and their deficiency could lead you to serious diseases. So, now it’s mandatory on you to take it at least for your proper health and to gain fitness both physically and mentally.


Minerals are essential for us as they are needed in very minute quantity, but they help us in many metabolic functions of our body. It has a role in making our bones and teeth strong. And when grapes are giving us an exact quantity of food how we can ignore it?


When you are feeling down you know what are the causes of it? When you work all the day you become tired and become fatigued because of your improper intake of food.

Hence, you must pay attention when a fruit is giving you many health benefits in just one hundred gram. Many people who work long hour feel a headache and thus this can also lead you to a migraine. And there are so many people who also are patients of asthma so these diseases remain far away from you just due to the intake of red grapes.

If you are a person having the problem of constipation and kidney diseases then you must take it. You will get immediate relief. It will also improve your brain function besides all these advantages. Lastly, it saves you from cancer and strengthen the bones.


Grapes are essential for your health. Hence, you must know how many calories in red grapes. It will be very beneficial for you in chalking out your diet plan.