Let me tell you one thing at the very onset of this article that there are 774 calories in a cup of sugar that can help you a lot in numerous ways. How it can be beneficial for you let’s discover it ahead. In this fast growing world, there is much health related problems persist and exist in our society and to fight these problems people go here and there to get the right solution to get through the tough times of their life. the problem of obesity and weakness persisting simultaneously and there are a lot many solutions to the obesity and doctors and practitioners are doing their job to make people safe from this disease.

However, many ignore the problem of over slimness and weakness. Those who are underweight find it very difficult to gain weight- a healthy weight gain! that is why here I have brought you some tips and tricks to get the weight gain of your choice and be healthy in your life. a simple and easy solution to this problem is hidden in a very minute object- a cup of sugar!


So, first of all, you should know some facts;

To gain the healthy weight gain, you will have to do a lot of efforts  just to hit the ideal figure that you have idealized yourself same as of your favorite celebrity.

You know that weight gain is not gonna happen if you are not taking right diet in your meals. So let’s first chalk out your diet and meal of the day and then calculate the calories which you should take in a day to gain weight.

So, determine your gender and then your daily routine and then see how many calories you need in a day. Without this prior pencil work you cannot do anything in a right direction. So, if you are a working women or student you will need an 1800 to 2000 calorie a day to touch your idealize mark on the scale.

If you are professional male or student you will need 2000 to 2200 calories a day to remain active.


For this, you will need to maintain your diet. Diet is a very important part of your life. If you are not taking a good diet, you must afraid. A simple example I am going to cite here for you; if you want a car to run 1000 km without giving a perfect quantity of fuel how will it run for so long? Obviously it will be stopped. So, same is the case with your body. Your body needs fuel, a perfect diet. It will help you to work properly.

So what should be your diet plan? It is so simple to make your diet and meal healthy. Add everything veggies, fruits and juices to your lunch. Add dairy products to and juices in your breakfast. And yes do not forget to add sugar to your meal. By sugar, I mean sweet.

As you know that sweet has many calories and it works quickly for you than other things do to you. In sugar, you can add some sweets like cake, custard, milkshake, candies sugar syrup with different flavors of peach, mango, and pineapple etc.


It is not necessary to eat one cup of sugar. You cannot do so. Yes, you can add the calorie which is hidden in it to the other things. Mix sugar in a number of things in a greater quantity and have fun to get your maximum per day calorie.

So, taking your full calorie is not impossible because 774 calories in a cup of sugar can help you much in this regard and you can achieve your goal of healthy weight gain.


sugar is essential for you if you want to take a high number of calories in a day. And now also it is not an uphill task as we have discovered the several ways. A cup of sugar will boost your energy than anything else hence you must try it.

Be healthy and be active!