Looking for the best tip on how to get rid of a hickey? Then this article is just for you. But before discussing the remedies to heal the Hickey let me explain what it is all about? A hickey, which is normally known as the bruises, but it looks like the bump that is free from the pain. The duration of a hickey is normally one week to 2 weeks depends on the treatment. After the healing, it may happen that it left the scar or mark on the skin. Although many medicines, home remedies, and tricks are recommended on how to get rid of a hickey, you should use the doctor recommended treatments for it.


Cold Compress is very effective to heal the hickey because coldness tightens the broken blood capillaries and it’s also helpful in reducing the bleeding. You just need to put the Cold Compressor on the affected area for 10 minutes. The coldness of the Compressor will instantly heal the pain and reduce the swelling. But never place the ice directly on the affected area because it will damage the skin. If you are not willing to place the ice on your skin, then you are permitted to place the cold spoon on it. The more spoon will be cold the more quickly Hickey will be gone.


Just like the Cold Compress Hot compressing is also best for removing the hickeys. You just need to dip the piece of cloth in hot water, Squeeze it and place it on the specific area for 5-10 minutes. You can repeat this process as much as you can. Heat will help you to heal the pain by dilating the blood capillaries, make the path for circulating the new blood and sort out the hickey disorder.

If you are not willing to place the washcloth, then you can use the Compressor. Both hot and cold Compressor are available in the market at very affordable rates. You can use them easily without any effort. Alternatively, a hair straightener is also best to provide the heat to the affected area.


We all are familiar with the healing properties of the Aloe Vera. This natural plant is fully packed with the moisturizing and soothing qualities. It increases the chances of healing the broken capillaries.

You just need to rub the Aloe Vera gel on the affected area, massage it properly for 2-3 times a day. Apart from the Aloe Vera gel, you can use the Aloe Vera cream or lotion to heal the hickey.


Oranges, which are fully packed with the Vitamin C, best to heal the bruises and hickeys instantly. If you want to heal the hickey on urgent basis then drink orange juice or apply the orange mask on the affected area.


We all know that the Banana Peeling is best for whitening the teeth’s but on the other hand, it is best on how to get rid of a hickey without spending the money on the expensive medicines. Banana peels are fully packed with the soothing properties which are important to minimize the hickey fast.

Take the banana peel and put it on the affected area. Make sure that the size of the banana peel should be according to the size of the hickey. Leave the peel on the skin for 15-30 minutes and repeat this process for 2-3 times a day.


Vitamin K is best to treat the hickeys because it is fully packed with the anticoagulant qualities which reabsorb the combined blood.

You should apply the Vitamin K packed lotion or cream on the affected area for 2-3 times a day. Apart from the cream, you can also eat the fruits and vegetable which contains Vitamin K.


Olive oil works best on how to get rid of a hickey. You just need to massage the affected areas with Olive oil in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes. After the message, apply any moisturizing lotion to hydrate the skin. Messaging Olive oil for 2-3 times a day will heal the hickey instantly.


Peppermint is famous for its cooling properties. Apply a peppermint oil on the affected area gently. After application, you will feel the tingling sensation and as a result, it will fade the hickey. You can use the peppermint-based toothpaste or other toothpaste which have cooling properties. Apply the equal layer of toothpaste on the hickey and leave it for 10-15 minutes. When you stops feeling the tingling, wash it with the warm water.  Make sure that you don’t use the Peppermint for more than once daily because chances are there that it may harm the skin.


If you are not willing to use any home based thing on how to get rid of a hickey, then you go for the medications, to overcome the pain of a hickey. Keep one thing in your mind that never mix two creams or medicines because it will worsen your condition. You can use the aspirin to heal the Hickey pain. This medicine will increase your blood circulation and also thin the blood. Do not take the aspirin without the doctor recommendation because sometimes medicines make the situation worse. Excedrin is also best because it is fully packed with the three component like Caffeine, Aspirin, and Acetaminophen. These three ingredients will increase your blood circulation, make your blood thin and as a result, Hickey will heal in a fast manner.


Apart from the above-mentioned tips and suggestions it is important to consult the doctor. If the hickey is in the bad condition, then you shouldn’t treat it by your infect fix the appointment with the specialized doctor on urgent basis? Doctor will recommend you the ideal treatment on how to get rid of a hickey quickly. Make sure that you tell all the symptoms to the doctor in an honest manner without any embarrassment and hesitation.

To conclude, always be aware of what you are using to heal the hickey because many medicines and remedies can worsen your condition.  Never try the home remedies on your own or without the doctor recommendation.