The highly viscous golden color semi-liquid fluid which is known as Honey is thought to contained medical benefits in the early ages, which has now proven by science. It is considered to have the enormous advantages for human body both medically and physically. This is why you should know how many calories in honey. Its floral mild and taste buds stimulating taste not only whet out appetite but also brings infinite goodness into our daily life.


Honey is not just a sugary liquid which just gives you the sweet taste. It is the pack of energy that one’s body need on daily basis. The honey is only sweet which can be used in many things. It is claimed to have a solution for every problem.

We seek beauty in world’s artificial things however, we are blessed with honey. It supplies the essential nutrients and keeps us healthy. There almost 40 types of honey. However, the honey is monofloral and multi floral as well. Monofloral which is made up from one plant’s nectar and other is from numerous plants’ nectar.


Honey is not produced by the artificial means it is always manufactured by the honey bees. However, there are two types of honey production; one which is produced normally by honey bees somewhere on the tree or at any other place. Second, which is produced by the bees by making special farm where bees are kept especially to produce honey. It is also known as Apiculture.

It is not produced by every type of bee because it is restricted to the special honey bees which made honey. And it is also not available in all season yet the producers or apiarist save it for the next season. Honey bees only manufacture honey in a summer season.

Now comes to our burning question of the day that how many calories in honey? So, there are 304 calories per 100 gm pack.

It is of high nutritional worth and we all know it. In this era honey has an important value and it is not available easily in its purest form. Many apiarists do adulteration in it.


There are many types of honey according to the tree on which it is made. We can classify the honey on the basis of its origin. If a honey is produced on Manuka bush, it will be known as Manuka honey. Usually, this tree found in New Zealand.

Some popular honeys are mentioned below to facilitate you people:

  1. Sage honey: it is manufactured in California. A light color and mild taste it has. It is good to use if you have any wound. It is good to use when you are healing. This has a high level of fructose sugar thus it is said to maintain blood sugar level.
  2. Avocado honey: it is found on the avocado tree and yes as avocado is valuable for health so is the honey of avocado tree. Further, its color is also dark due to its presence on this tree.
  3. Blueberry honey: this honey is made from the nectar of the blueberry flower that is tiny and white in color. It is usually produced in England and has an amber color.
  4. Buckwheat honey: it is it is also known as an antioxidant honey. It is manufacturing is done in the Ohio, New York, and Canada. It is also dark in color.


Honey is said to have a cure of almost all diseases. It maintains blood glucose level and thus assists you in marking up your daily calories intake. It heals the wound and makes you recover soon.

Moreover, it has also skin benefits. You can use it as a scrub as well with the mixture of salt in it. It’s helpful in getting rid of a cough. Take one teaspoon honey and add one-third of black pepper into it and swallow it thrice in a day and you will feel from a cough and flu.

Lastly, people who are weak and want to make their weight gain have this tool to get their desired weight by knowing how many calories in honey. Thus, they will be able to make their calories intake routine in a more proper way.