Apple is one of the most delicious and loving fruits in world. It is full of nutrition and liked by every one in every age. There are common saying that eat an apple a day keeps the doctor away yes it is true because people who have a habit of eating apple in their diet rarely fall sick. Apple is a sweet fruit which is available almost every season and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. Although apple is grown in all over the world but China is the world largest grower and producer of apples.

There are a number of varieties of apples and its taste is mostly sweet. The use of apple in various cooking and baking recipes cannot be ignored. Apple is widely used in apple muffins, apple pancakes and in other baking recipes. Apple is a low calorie snack so that you can take it after breakfast or lunch as well. Apple satisfies the hunger of a person in an effective way so we should stay away from oily and unhealthy options of snacks like burgers or chips. Having an apple in the day will make you feel fuller for the long time and you won’t be attracted towards unhealthy food options. There are a number of people who want to know about calories in apple and their nutrition information. Here I would love to discuss that how many calories are in an apple.


Apple is the delicious fruit and it is packed with nutrients. Apple contains low calories and it has sweet juice which gives you instant energy. If you want to get calories information then I would mention that 100 gram of apple contains approximately 52 calories and note that it is the calorie count of a medium size apple. There is more than 80% water in an apple. This yummy fruit is full of vitamins and anti oxidants. Apple is the fruit which is considered as rich source of a number of useful nutrients such as Vitamin C, vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Beta Carotenes and other essential nutrients. Apple gives more scent when it is ripe. Doctors and health experts recommend eat apple without peeling because it is healthy. You should make a habit of having apple everyday and include in your diet in any form. Brief detail about the calorie information of apple is given below:


There is great health benefit of apples which I would like to discuss with you. Besides having low calories fruit apple make our mind and body healthy. The use of apple cannot be ignored in various yummy recipes like apple shakes, apple puddings, apple smoothies and it is widely used in baking as well. You should tell your kids the importance of consuming apples daily. Some interesting facts about apples are being discussed here in the lines below:


According to the research it was revealed that apples help to stimulate healthy gums and reduces the problem of tooth decay. Apple is good for healthy teeth and healthy gums.


Health experts recommend having fruits in your diet because fruits provide necessary vitamins to the body and help you to lose extra weight because it is high in fiber and reduces cholesterol level in the body.


People who face the problem of high cholesterol should start eating apple everyday because it helps to reduce cholesterol level in the body especially LDL cholesterol. Eating apples make your brain more sharp and strong.