Losing your weight is not easy as it comes with lots of sacrifices and detriments. You need to let go off a lot of things that you initially loved but now, if you consume them, they might not let you achieving your final goal of weight reduction. The thing is, you cannot get rid of the extra fat accumulated on your body overnight. If you want to ensure it actually happens, you need to make sure you keep doing it gradually and the end results would be amazing. If you are a lover of coffee and still keep drinking it every day, it might be the real reason behind you not being able to reduce your weight. You might not realize it but coffee might be the reason behind your constant tries but still the inability to actually lose the extra weight obtained by you. If you are a coffee lover and cannot get rid of it, you need to know how many calories in a cup of coffee before you make a final diet plan or chart for yourself.

Keep a count on the calories:

If you are looking for the answer of the same question that how many calories in coffee are, you need to know that the amount of calorie in every cup of coffee depends on the type of coffee that is consumed by you. Coffee comes with various types and each type has a different proportion of coffee in it. When it comes to talking about the coffee that is plain and is simply brewed, you do not need to worry as it has just two calories in it. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you might need to make the decision of moving from your regular coffee to the plain and simple coffee and it will give you just two calories per cup. Not only doesn’t this but as a plain cup of coffee also have any fat in it making your life even easier! However, if you decide to add up extra stuff in your coffee like cream and sugar, the amount calories in cup of coffee is surely going to increase. If you go to a coffee shop and ask for a simple coffee, even that might have more calories than what a plain cup of coffee you make at home would have. Therefore, if you trying to lose some weight trust on the cup of coffee you make and not the one the coffee shop offers you.

Adding up the calories:

Now most of the people are aware of the fact that calories in a cup of coffee are just two! However, still they can’t digest it till they dress it up with lots of cream and sugar. When you cannot drink a simple cup of coffee, you add lots of cream and sugar in it and it automatically enhances the amount of calories you intake per cup of coffee. When you add cream in the coffee, you end up adding fifty two calories in your cup of coffee which is definitely a huge amount. Not only this but if you are just one spoon of sugar to your coffee, you add forty nine calories in your cup of coffee. Adding more milk will lead to adding more calories to it! Even if you add fat free milk in it, you will add up five more calories in it.

Make your decisions wisely:

If you are an avid coffee drinker and cannot get rid of this habit no matter what, just choose to keep one thing in mind does coffee have calories and how many calories I should take per cup of coffee. Just do not go for the cream filled coffee or the one having lots of milk in it and you will be able to lose your weight easily.