When it comes to losing the weight, most of the people get too strict while eating. They ensure not to have a single extra bite of food as it might increase the amount of calories they are actually supposed intake per day! This becomes a habit for them not to move out of the calorie chart they have made. They stop taking invites for the parties and even miss out on the weddings of their closest friends just to ensure they do not eat in excess. Nutritionist have always tried to faster in the minds of these calorie freaks to lose their weight and not the mind in the quest of getting back to the attractive body shape. Getting too rigid with the eating habits and freaking out over small issues like how many calories in a hard boiled egg? If you also keep thinking about this question while planning your breakfast or a routine meal, you need to watch this space.

Calories that are for your own good!

Most of the people do not acknowledge the fact that eating an egg actually helps them absorbing the adequate amount of energy a person needs for a day. They keep on thinking about the calories that they might gain due to munching even a single egg. Getting away from the eggs is a wrong strategy even if you are on a strict diet. The reason behind it is the fact is that eating just one hard-boiled egg a day, chiefly at the start of the day, provides you with just hundred calories. This amount of calories is actually required for your body to endure that you spend your day with utmost amount of energy. One egg provides you with the right amalgamation of vitamin A as well as the amount of protein you need to have for a day. Not only this but hard-boiled egg also provides you with the right quantity of vitamin B 12. Lutein, a nutrient that helps you having sharp eyesight is also a chief part of the hardboiled egg and helps you having a sharp sight if you eat one boiled egg a day. The reason why most of the nutrients recommend you having a hardboiled egg a day is the fact that it comes with the lowest amount of fat and the highest amount of protein. This property of the egg helps you staying away from heart issues as much as possible and still gives you enough amounts of nutrients.

Advantages of having a hard-boiled egg a day!

There is doubt in the fact that eating an egg comes up with lots of advantages and out of those, the biggest plus of eating a hardboiled egg is that the calories in hard boiled eggare low and do not increase even if you add other things in it while making it. While making a hardboiled egg, you can stuff high calorie ingredients in it for example a slice of cheese and it won’t affect your health at all.  A hard-boiled egg comes up with at least seventy eight calories and makes it easier for you to digest it.  In case you’re entirely viewing caloric admission, have a small amount of boiled egg. It is not necessary for you to eat the entire egg a day! You can even eat half of it if you are way too calorie conscious.

The amount of cholesterol and calories:

If you want to leave the option of having an egg a day owing to the fact that it has a high amount of cholesterol in it, you cannot possibly leave it because of the saturated fats that are a part of it are not high. Total fat of just five grams is added to your body if you have a hard boiled egg a day!