Orange is a juicy fruit which gives you the best reason to live. It is the one in which God has packed an essential vitamin, the vitamin C, which is necessary for human being. Yes, orange has citric acid a well. But do you know how many calories in one orange? It has 85 to 86 calories and it gives you a boost of vitamin C. It has a lot of benefits for a person as it contains no cholesterol.

If you are going to add this into your meal then I am telling you that this decision is your best decision ever. An orange is what you need in a day. Do you know that our body stores all the essential vitamins in our body, but it does not store the vitamin C. that is why it is the one which we need on a daily basis? Its intake is essential to remain fit. Orange has many benefits for us. It is good for our skin it shield us from heart diseases, cancer, and many other diseases.


If you are the one who has the problem of nausea and you feel vomit after a meal then orange is the best cure for you. It makes your digestive system better one. It helps food to digest quickly and smoothly.


Orange is a better cure for your skin if you are the one who has the skin acne, wrinkle, dark spots and freckles then you must consume an orange in a day. Even the peel of the orange is not a waste. Collect the peel and then put them to dry in sunlight for three to four days.

When this peel dries completely then grind them and before washing your face make a paste by pouring rose water into it and then wash your face with it. Use this formula daily and you will see the results in your favor.


You know what you need to defend yourself from diseases? Your immune system is the one which defend you from foreign bodies in your blood. If your immune system will strong it will make antigen in your bodies against the foreign element and it will destroy it. Thus, you will be saved from diseases.

However, what if your immune system remains weak? You will catch up with many diseases. Hence, to boost your immune orange is the best deal.if you will take an orange in a day you will gradually enhance your immune system’s strength.


If you are a diabetic patient and want to know that what are the health benefits for you in oranges then I will recommend you to take it as it has no sugar in it. In fact, it assists in lowering the blood sugar.

Further, it has a lot of fibers which helps in improving the insulin production and secretion. Doctors also recommend orange to these patients and called it as a good part of a meal. Thus, it is concluded that orange is best for the diabetic patients.

What many people do is that they become excited when they learned that there are many uses and advantages of orange they start to eat in excess quantity. Nevertheless, I want to tell you that fiber in the orange is best for the digestion process.

However, these fibers are a thread like in structure and they cannot be digested in our stomach they just enhance our digestion and then excrete out from the body.

Never take it in excess quantity otherwise you will face its side effects like diarrhea. You know what if you check the ph of the orange juice you will come to know that it falls in the category of acids. So much intake of oranges can lead you to the great disaster. That is why I will recommend you to take one orange with your meal. And yes you can take its juice two glasses in a day.


The question of how many calories in one orange gave us a great piece of information regarding the oranges and now you know that orange is best super food for you. As a fruit, it has many advantages for many people even for the patients and for normal people.

So, enjoy orange and its juice in your meal and have fun!