The foodies’ lover attention here, today we are going to discuss Steak! Yes, the one which is widely liked by many around the globe and is consumed on evening party and on the wish of family members on some occasion. Also, it can be consumed at home finely like a lunch or dinner but usually, people share their good moments with their kith and kin and make its cooking a fun. Nevertheless, I will advise here to go easy on the steak people and before have it you must grab the information that how many calories in steak are there? Before it’s too late and you found that you broke the limits of calories intake. 😀

Generally, when we love any dish we consume it more than we eat anything. Or in that point of time when it’s hot and cooked freshly it is eaten in much quantity. A 100 gm steak piece is normal to have a child but for elder, limits can be exceeded.  It contains 194 calories. So, if you are taking more than 100 gm than your calorie counter will be increased.


It is a piece of meat with high proteins and it is very healthy to eat as it is the piece of hindquarters. The thin long pieces of meat then mix and covered into the spices and then grilled or oven. This meat is high in proteins vitamins and fibers. The animal meat is the only source for to gain the proteins as these do not find in the vegetables. These proteins are very useful for you as they help in building up the muscles by which we move. Tissue which damage in any case is repaired by proteins. So, if you are taking steak it means you are taking a fine amount which your body needs on daily basis.

Those who want to build up muscles are also advised to take meat in high quantity. It is also good for those who want to gain weight.

Those who work a lot are sometimes begun to feel tired after very minimum work. Have you ever thought why this is so? Some people also feel tired after getting up in the morning this because of the deficiency of iron. Fatigue, loss of concentration, and anemia are also it’s symptoms of deficiency. Iron acts like a transporter of oxygen to the lungs. So if you are taking steak than forget about any weakness and deficiency it will recover you soon.


For cooking a steak, you will need a grill frying pan, a stove, knife, tongs, and plate. The ingredients, steak or a thin and long piece of meat, olive oil or any cooking oil you used, butter, salt, pepper, garlic paste. Take all the pieces of meat and then covered it with garlic paste pepper, salt, and butter, papaya powder and then out it aside for half an hour. Then bring it and one by one put it on the grill and paint oil on it with the help of a brush. Let it fry and separate out when you see the color has changed and it has cooked.

Another way to cook it; you can also boil it in its own steam. What happens when you will cover it with garlic paste and out it for steam it will leave the water and slowly it will cook in its steam. And then fry it in the same way.

So the cooking steak if fun in gathering and eating steak is delicious with friends and family. What you have to keep in your mind that how many calories in steak so, you will take the amount you need.

Over-weight people must avoid it. It may also cause high cholesterol to the one who are already heart patients. Highly intake can be harmful so, take it in limits. Obsess people should think about it before having it. It is just for the healthy person and for the ones who are weak and facing deficiencies of vitamins and proteins. 🙂