There would be hardly a person who doesn’t like to have drinks and among all the drink coffee is a well-known drink. Coffee is being consumed by people no matter it is summer or winter, but in winter season people drink more coffee as compared to summer. Some people are even coffee addicted because it is delicious and healthy at the same time. It is one of the largest consumed drinks in the world. You must have seen various brands of coffee available in market. Whether you are using any brand of coffee you have knowledge about calories in coffee. Do you know how many calories does coffee have? If not, then don’t worry because you will find answers here.

Coffee is one such food on which the experts cannot give a good or bad opinion. You must have noticed that one day experts say that coffee is not good for health because it cause various problems such as heart problems and depression but on the other day they say that brings down the level of cholesterol in the body and those people live longer who drink coffee every day. There are a number of myths about coffee but everyone is agree in one thing and that is coffee has zero calories. If you drink coffee in black form then you should not worry about the number of calories.


There are a number of people who love to start their day with one or two cups of coffee. If you are among those people then you don’t have to worry about anything because you are giving your body a healthy dose of caffeine which is good enough to keep your metabolism and system running. There are some coffee habits which are not good for example when a person is drinking coffee all the day and due to so much caffeine in his body so he cannot sleep at night. It is an unhealthy practice and the people who are unknowingly into this practice by thinking that they are consuming zero calories then they are wrong.


It is one of the searched queries in search engine and people really want to know the number of calories they are consuming in coffee. So let me tell you the number of calories in a cup of black coffee are zero but the problem comes when a person starts adding things to pure coffee. For example they are number of people who don’t consume pure coffee but they love to have coffee with sugar and cream especially in the morning. So this practice will increase the number of calories in coffee. A person should realize that he is consuming 70-100 calories in every cup he is drinking.

Those people who are really worried about their food and calories they are consuming per day should not do this practice. If you don’t add various things to a cup of coffee then you can lose so much weight throughout the year. Artificial sweeteners and milk should be avoided if you are really worried about the calorie count in coffee. People who start their day with coffee are more active and they keep their system running as compared to those who don’t drink it.


There a number of people who love to enjoy coffee and for that they love to go to the coffee shop to drink their favorite coffee. But on the other hand they want to lose fats as well. So these two things can’t go side by side because the coffee served in a coffee shop contains too much calories. So if you want to save your calories each day then don’t go to the coffee shop as this will save your dollars as well along with the fat. You should realize that the big tasty drinks which are served in a coffee shop are not only pricy but they are full of calories as well. If you save your dollars spend on full calorie coffee each month then at the end of the year you can even go to a vacation with that saved money.


If you really want to start a good day then make the coffee at home and drink it. In this way you can not only save calories but live healthy lifestyle as well. If you really want to cut on the calories more then you have to substitute sugar with artificial sweetener in the coffee. There are so many people who love to add milk and cream in their coffee. Although it is not forbidden to add milk and cream in the coffee but you have to make sure that it is fat-free. These days low-fat milk and cream are easily available in the market so you can purchase and enjoy coffee with milk and cream as well. We eat food everyday so we have to look at the calorie count starting from breakfast.


As we all know that coffee contains caffeine and caffeine acts as refreshment to the nervous system. Caffeine in coffee is natural unlike those soft drinks where it is added. Caffeine has been consumed over the years. There are many myths about caffeine being it’s beneficial and harmful for health. According to the facts caffeine lessens the muscle pain but on the other hand it motivates restlessness. The usage of caffeine has been shown to improve the alertness and mood of a person. Recent studies have shown positive advantage of consuming caffeine in the coffee. As we all know that excess of everything is bad for health and same is the case with coffee caffeine. Drinking too much coffee may disturb your sleep at night


Do you know that calories in coffee are good for healthy. People who love to consume coffee in the morning are active throughout the day because coffee is a healthy drink. Do you know that coffee helps in battling heart diseases? It prevents you from serious diseases like strokes and diabetes. When you are having coffee in the morning then you are giving your body antioxidants which keep you healthy and toxins release from the body. Once we come to know that coffee contains zero calories therefore it should be noted that it helps to lose weight and burn fats as well. No one can ignore this benefit of coffee. Many people still don’t know that coffee reduces the risk of cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee protects a person brain as well by providing natural caffeine so he can easily focus to every work he does on regular basis. Coffee improves the mood of people so ultimately it fights against depression and lowers the risk suicide. All in all coffee is healthy for mind and body and one should consume it on daily basis.