We all know the coconut milk very well because of its fabulous health benefits and its taste and usage in many other delicious. As the name show it is crystal clear that coconut milk is made up from coconut and thus, it is very healthy intake if you are taking it in your breakfast. The women who are expected it is good for them and for their child as well. Its nutrients capabilities are recognized by many health consultants. You just need to know that there are 230 calories in coconut milk.


Before going into the depth, we must know the procedure that how it is made? The coconut which is ready to eat is taken and open to separate out its water then the white milky part which usually looks like cream is extracted out and the semi-solid white part is mined and then the cream and the pulverized art of coconut is then put to the grinder to make it the paste. Then it is squeezed out with the cheesecloth to separate out the thin and thick part isolated. The process is repeated to get the thin milk.


If you are taking 100 gm standard amount of coconut milk than you will be benefited with 230 calories besides 24 gm fat 15 mg sodium, 263 mg potassium, total 6 gm of carbohydrate and 2.3 gm of protein.


There is vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. All the essential things that you need to be healthy are present in this coconut milk. It’s awesome taste gives you soothing effect and the children who just don’t want to drink milk it is best for them. Further, there is no fear of high cholesterol. In fact, you can take easily if you are fat. However, the high intake will cause you fat and if you are slim then you can have it without any prior thinking.


The triglycerides chain of fatty acid will cause you gain weight but no level of cholesterol. As coconut milk contains high fat, but this fat is not harmful yet it’s healthy to take. It repairs your broken tissue and helps you build your muscles.

It helps the one who are suffering from anemia. Its iron rich properties bring you out from the deficiency of iron.

If you have no coconut milk, but you have coconut water then also, you can do the same. The constipation patients also gain benefit from this. It relieves you from the digestive problem and nausea.

If a child do not eat a proper meal, and he is victimized of many deficiencies then his mother must give her child the coconut milk. The calories in coconut milk supply your child the essential nutrients.

It assists in reducing the inflammation. Those who are of old age and have arthritis pain then they must consume it. It is also good for the one who have osteoporosis.

Further, many who after eating the dinner feel nausea and heavy or have complained of ulcer then they ought to consume this milk. Moreover, if you are drinking it quite chill then it will ease your digestion process and hence you will not feel this type of problem again.


There are two types of coconut milk one which is available in cans and other the freshly prepared. Usually, the freshly prepared milk is provided at the ice cream parlor and juice centers. So I will recommend you to have the fresh one.


We all love sweet after a meal so if you will use it on the cake and in the pudding it will give you just the awesome taste.

You can make your own dish full of vitamins and proteins and every nutrient which you need on daily basis.

Just take one cup of coconut milk and pour the minced dry fruit into it and then add some pulverize cheese with chocolate. Then, mix it vigorously and keep it in a fridge to chill. Consume it after chill. The calories in coconut milk are very useful for every age’s category person.