Water can get into your ear, and it can be irritating to you when you are unable to listen and get the decreased sound or like you are very far from the caller. It is very annoying when you don’t know how to get water out of your ear when you do not have enough techniques and ideas in your mind that how you can get it out of your ear tube.

But, curiosity arouses when you do not know how this shit water got into your ear. Yes, you are forgetting, but there are only two possible ways by which it can happen. Either you have swimming recently or took a bath. During these two acts, there is a possibility of water to go in the ear.


The water can induce disease into your ear, and its result will be shown to your rapidly when you feel pain. The dirty water of the swimming pool and the retention of soap or shampoo foam in the ear can cause infection if you don’t bring it out.

Ear pain can be very severe and when it happen it do not let you work properly. And sometimes, you are not even able to talk and move. You just need complete rest. The ear pain can also be harmful to your hearing as well. It can affect your hearing power if there is an infection and it persist for a long time.

You might take it light regarding sensitivity but in reality, it might not take as light. The soreness of ear can off your mind. In severe cases, people are unable to sleep even properly hence it is inevitable to know how to get water out of your ear.

If you are a lover of swimming so you must take precautionary measures before swimming and take special care of your ear as hearing is a blessing.

However, if water has gone into your ear, then you can try some remedies to drain it out to get yourself relief from the irritation. I believe these will help you if you are facing difficulties with your ear these days.


  1. Firstly, when you are taking shower keep yourself very careful while cleaning your ear. A single droplet of water must not enter your ear. If water has gone in the ear then, must sure to wash your head and ear well after bathing with the help of a towel. Try to dry your ear with the assistance of towel.
  2. Secondly, get benefitted with the gravity. How can you do this? Just face your affected ear parallel to the ground. You might think this is like a full amusement piece, but when you try it, you will be amazed. The water will be moved toward the down to the earth and resultantly it will come out of your ear.
  3. Thirdly, bend your head from one side and then hit you another ear it will push the water droplets out the ear. Maybe you will feel pain while hitting but continue to hit until you find the affected ear wet.
  4. Fourth, if you are still seeking hurdles in bringing it back then, lay down to the side of the ear onto the pillow and then hit your other hand slowly. Lie down at least for half an hour and move any side.
  5. Fifth, there is an ear vacuum as well to dry your ear. But before telling you the way I want you to beware that it will be harmful as well. Just start the vacuum at the low speed and put it beneath the ear it will start to exert force and the water will come out. But it is not so easy. You will have to be very careful as it can also fetch the ear membrane.
  6. Sixth, heat therapy is a better way as well to drain water. In a hot water bowl place, a washing cloth and then wrinkle it well. Put this cloth to your ear for one minute and repeat the same procedure.
  7. Seven, if you are failed to drain out the water and all the remedies and efforts have gone vain then you must consult a doctor. He will prescribe you the antibiotic if any infection has set in your ear and if there is any water drop.

Tip: you can also treat your water of ear with a much better way by using the cotton bud. The cotton bud can suck the water droplets from your ear. Use two to three buds to absorb the water. However, be careful it does not hit your membrane.

Pinpoints that you need to learn how to get water out of your ear are here, and you are advised to read the full instructions carefully. Keep deep care of your ear and make sure to take precautionary measures.


The water in your ear can also cause an infection, and that might be a very painful period for you. If you have water in your ear, and now it is start pained you then you must take the medicine, or you can add the OCT drops into your ear to keep your ear safe from infection.

If your doctor has prescribed you medicine, then you must take them for a proper period. Sometimes what happen when you feel that your pain is set now you missed your medicine course that invites the bacteria to re-grow and multiplied again to cause you more pain.


The ear is a very sensitive place, and you must not play your games here with it. Here, it might be possible that your ear’s inner eardrum which is also known as tympanic membrane can be hurt with the infection. And it is so sensitive and once it is ruptured it cannot be healed again, and it plays a vital part and role in the sense of hearing. Hence, for the knowledge you ought to know the significant information and learn a skill on how to get water out of your ear if it enters.