Trusting someone to carry your mantle of being represented in a legal battle is hardly a simple task. In fact, it is the most difficult thing you can do after enduring apersonal injury collision. There’s a lot of factors to consider when a crippling event takes place, and picking the right lawyer to represent you is very important. This leads to a lot of uncertainty and doubt that can be rather overwhelming, which is why these 10 questions to ask a lawyer before hiring them to represent your P.I.C. (personal injury collision) case.

1.   What do you specialize on?

This is the question that determines whether the lawyer you’re interviewing is going to be the right fit to represent you.
Knowing your lawyer’s specialties is going to give you a great insight into their experience level, their attention to client satisfaction, and just how much effort they will invest into winning your case.

2.   How many cases have you represented that are similar to mine?

This is another insightful question to ask because it will let you know just how confident the lawyer is about tackling your case. Consequently, this will let you know just how much experience and preparation they have to manage your case.

  1. Who will be representing me during my case?

This is a question that must be asked because a lot of people are under the impression that the lawyer filing their case is the same one that shall represent you in court.
This may not be the case for some law firms, so you must make sure to be aware of the lawyer who is actually going to be representing you in court.
This tends to catch a lot of people off guard.

4.   How long do you think the case is going to take?

Another question that is very important to ask a lawyer because a lot of people are under the impression that a case involving a car wreck could take very little time to solve, but that’s something only your lawyer can determine based on the nature of your case.
Also, knowing how long the case is going to take can better prepare for the times ahead where it may not be able to work, or may have to go on disability.

5.   How many cases like mine have you seen go to trial?

The purpose of this question is to determine whether or not the lawyer you’re interviewing has the same intentions as you do to see your case through.
This is also a perfect way to find out his level of expertise when he explains to you the alternative options that are available instead of going to court.

  1. Do you work on a contingency fee?  Although most lawyers work on this particular type of fee, it is best to find out whether or not this is the case for the lawyer you’re interviewing.  In case, that’s not how your lawyer operates, then find out how the fees are handled as soon as possible.
  2. What am I going to be doing during the case?

Your lawyer should be able to guide you through the entire process every step of the way.  This could include anything from presenting documents and completed paperwork, to attending medical appointments set up by the law firm.  They may even ask to sit back and watch them work. It can happen!

8.   How many cases similar to mine have you won?

Rate of success is incredibly important for when making sure a lawyer’s client has confidence entrusting their case into the law firm they’re choosing to represent them.  Don’t forget to ask this question because of how you will know how efficient your lawyer really is.

9.   How many cases similar to mine have you seen settle out of court?

The purpose of this question is to give yourself peace of mind in knowing that your lawyer has handled cases outside of court, and the type of outcome he has had during those past experiences.

10.               How much do you think my case is going to be worth?

Of course, you want to know how much your case is worth, it is the main reason you want to be legally represented. Coincidentally, your lawyer is going to give you the best estimate possible because that’s the aim they’re looking to achieve.  Remember that if you’re working with a lawyer that works on a contingency fee they won’t get paid until you win, so they’re going to make sure that the highest estimate they give is the one that you’re actually going to be awarded…if not higher.

The process of hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you after experiencing a car accident is not to be taken lightly. It can be confusing and exhausting without the right knowledge, and the only way you’re going to get through this hurdle is by asking the right questions. These 10 questions may prove useful in giving you the peace of mind you’re looking for in hiring a lawyer.

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