But don’t move on just yet, remember these 10 things to avoid doing after a car accident:

1. Leaving the Scene of An Accident Without Reporting It To the Police

Just as we mentioned in the notes above, leaving the scene of a minor car accident without reporting it to the police is a major mistake. The Police report will be used in a minor car accident lawsuit to help the judge award the plaintiff the appropriate damages.

2. Failing To Gather Evidence At the Scene

Take as many pictures as you can, collect as many phone numbers as you can, and ask for as many accounts as you can from people nearby and let your car accident attorney sort through what is valuable and what is not. Simply collect as much evidence as possible while you still can at the scene of the accident.

3. Admitting Fault

Never admit fault, even if you believe you are at fault for the minor car accident. The fact is, you cannot possibly know who is at fault from your vantage point and you are merely attempting to understand what may have happened to form your perspective. Never admit fault. Instead, let your attorney and the police figure out who may be at fault and how much comparative fault is at play.

4. Not Seeing a Doctor

You should see a medical professional as soon as you feel as if you have sustained injuries from your accident. If you do not, and you develop any injuries from the minor car accident, it may become difficult to attribute them to the accident and not to some other wear and tear and you may find it even more difficult to be compensated.

5. Not Taking Advantage of PIP

Remember that Florida requires that you have Personal Injury Protection and that is used to make sure that you are protected in the event of a car accident. Do not feel any obligation to avoid claiming from this insurance policy if you have been involved in a minor car crash.

6. Failing to Understand Insurance Companies

Remember that insurance companies are first and foremost a business and they exist to make money and that means they want to collect and hold as much money as possible while paying out as little as possible (in theory). So when you make claims, they will try to settle for less if they can.

7. Not Reviewing the Police Report

You must review the police report to make sure that the facts contained in the police report are correct and that you agree with them. If you do not agree, do your best to make your voice heard right then and there and get any changes made as soon as possible and before signing.

8. Taking the First Settlement Check Offered

Just like most negotiations, the first check and the first offer will be the lowest that the insurance company thinks they can offer to satisfy you while also ensuring they are not overpaying in their estimation and saving as much money on the car accident settlement as possible.

9. Trying to Settle Your Case


Though you may think that a minor car accident may not warrant a car accident lawyer, we can confidently say that clients who hire experienced attorneys earn a settlement check that is on average 3X larger than those who do not hire an auto accident attorney.

10. Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

For all the reasons stated above and more, we believe it’s in your best interests to hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer today: (813) 669-4742. Our lawyers offer free consultation 24/7 and are happy to help you make the right decisions right now.

Auto Accident Attorneys Are Free

Wait… what? The truth is that every attorney will cost you, but almost every personal injury attorney works on a contingency basis. This means that they take their fee out of the settlement they achieve for you. So, if they don’t settle for you, you don’t owe them anything!

Even better, most will talk to you for free during a case evaluation. You can make an appointment, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer, talk to them about any settlement offers you’ve been given, and ask about your rights under current state law.

This means that money won’t be a deciding factor when you are thinking about hiring an attorney. It also means that you should speak to a car accident lawyer following your collision. You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will my car accident lawyer do?

Your car accident lawyer will help you throughout the legal process, from the initial case evaluation to litigation. They’ll be there to support you every step of the way, including answering your questions and concerns.

2. Will my car accident lawyer deal with the insurance companies for me?

Yes. One of your lawyer’s roles is to handle all communication and negotiations with insurance companies involved in your case.

3. Do I need an attorney to get a car accident settlement?

While you don’t technically need an attorney to reach a settlement, your chances of securing a satisfactory settlement increase significantly when you hire a lawyer to represent you.

4. What is a fair settlement for pain and suffering?

No dollar amount can make up for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of your car accident. However, financial compensation can help ease the financial burden associated with the aftermath of a car accident, which will give you peace of mind. A car accident lawyer calculates the cost of non-economic losses like emotional pain and suffering to ensure fair compensation.


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